About Us

John and Vickie Antepenko have been selling fireworks since 1963.

Vickie loves fireworks! “We figure if we don’t like it, you won’t either”.

Fireworks importers call John and Vickie “cherry pickers” because they are very selective about what they add to the inventory for the year. Each year they travel to firework importers to select the fireworks they like. They watch the display there and they watch it again when it arrives to their warehouse. If it is not the same beautiful fireworks display that they witnessed at the importers, that item retires to the clearance shelf immediately. Every item is labeled and described with detail so you know what you kind of display you are getting. PLUS TV’s are running with firework displays of specific products so you can see exactly what kind of show your choices with give you and your audience.

American Tradition Fireworks is located right on John and Vickie’s private property in Sobieski, a short 25 minute drive from Green Bay. The large showroom is packed only with selections that Vickie has viewed and approved.

American Tradition Fireworks is open year round. John and Vickie do request that you call ahead out of season to make sure they are available to help you. In season they prefer to keep the hours of 9AM to 9PM but if you pull in early or late, they are happy to assist you.